Epigraph Publishing First 1944037640 / 978-1944037642

The Novel: From the Midst of Wickedness
by Nelson Cover

From the Midst of Wickedness brings you into the world of Thomas Simpson, a professor at Sessions University, who is seduced into joining the administration of the university president, Bryan Q. Fitz-Hugh. As the new director of university communications, he begins to have disturbing concerns about the workings of this inner circle. He faces family, political and relationship troubles in addition to being stalked by an attractive and savvy reporter who is inquiring about the issues facing the university.

Fitz-Hugh is an extraordinarily brilliant, visionary and charismatic leader. He is sleeping with the Secretary of State, with whom he graduated from the Kennedy School of Harvard.

The university’s new Beijing Center is dedicated and funded and “no one” is sure how it was financed. Yet President Fitz-Hugh is planning centers worldwide to fulfill his vision of Sessions as “The Global University,” while anonymous international wire transfers of tens of millions of dollars are being received by the university’s capital campaign to fund these projects.

The university’s provost, who is jealous that Fitz-Hugh was chosen over him as president, successfully petitions the Faculty Senate to vote for an independent audit of the university. His sudden, mysterious death and uncertainty of whether it was a suicide or murder shock the university.

Thomas’, his family’s and the university’s situation becomes ever more perilous and at risk.